Open Tech Strategies

Researcher and infrastructure builder (2016-2018)

Via the consulting firm Open Tech Strategies, and as part of Solution Guidance Corporation, Harihareswara improved infrastructure and documentation for the Provider Screening Module, a Java web application to help US states administer Medicaid.

She developed bash scripts to build and push Javadocs and Sphinx-generated documentation to GitHub Pages, use Gradle, WildFly, and PostgreSQL to refresh a developer environment, and bundle documentation into a stakeholder-friendly ZIP file. She researched compliance with accessibility guidelines, business rules engines such as Drools, potential pain points for users, and user-facing documentation tools. Harihareswara also wrote PSM documentation for users, developers, and implementers.

For other OTS projects, Harihareswara also taught new OTS contractors how to use IRC, Subversion, git-svn, and other open source workflow tools, conducted an installation audit for StreetCRM, and researched, edited, and wrote reports.