Python Package Index

Project management (2017-2020)

Warehouse powers the next-generation replacement for the Python Package Index -- basic Python community infrastructure.

Thanks to funding by Mozilla's Open Source Support program and via the Python Software Foundation, PyPI got a long-awaited overhaul, which culminated on-schedule in April 2018. Sumana Harihareswara was the lead project manager on that effort. Harihareswara, with contractor Laura Hampton assisting, ran meetings (IRC and phone meetings and in-person sprints), triaged bugs, tested and improved Warehouse and other packaging and distribution tools, wrote and improved documentation, and did outreach to the developer community. This work earned Harihareswara a 2018 Google Open Source Peer Bonus.

Afterward, Changeset provided project management for the grant-funded effort to improve PyPI's security, accessibility, and localization. Harihareswara was assisted by researcher Jenny Ryan.